Project and Publications - Atmospheres

The two projects Atmosphären (Atmospheres) and Visions of Heaven, Sky, and Earth were started in 2004 and are still in different stages of development.


The book Atmosphären (Atmospheres) – Poesie als Psychotherapie by Dagmar Zimmer was published with Pueblo Editions in October 2005. The first of several projected CDs of spoken poetry by the author together with music composed and performed by the Canadian musician George Kauntz were released under the title Augenblicke und Metaphern – Poesie und Musik (Moments and Metaphors – Poetry and Music) in February 2006. While the poetry in the CD is German, the booklet provides English catchwords outlining the poems for the English listener (the so-called Poem Tunes). The Poem Tunes are also part of the English appendix to the book.
Detailed information about the publications from this project in German can be found in the description of both the book and CD. Several live presentations of selections from the audio tracks of the CD, live reading and moderation (Dagmar Zimmer) with live performance of the original music (George Kauntz), further demonstrated the inspiring potential of the project.