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Pueblo Editions, a subdivision of the Pueblo Film AG, is a producer and publisher of books, audio CDs with spoken text and music, artistic cards, DVDs, etc. The projects include poetry, text-meditations, informative prose about psychotherapy, painted or composed pictures, artistic photography, and music.

For some information this English website ist connected with the German site because some German is necessary to understand the products and presentations in the Agenda or in Archive.


Visions of Heaven, Sky and Earth

Bilder und Gedichte | Pictures and Poetry

pdf_logo Unser neues Buch kann ab 27.3.2012 bestellt werden

Images can move us deeply. Early cognition in mental development uses images closely related to corresponding emotions. Poetry has the potential to enhance this physical sensory aspect by rhythmic elements, very much like music, slowing down by repetition and magical cradling as we can observe it in children songs and rhymes.
If the poetry fits our esthetic sense and if we are open to this form of expression, it can develop meditative qualities, even more, if combined with matching pictures, which are open enough, to let us dream away. The original pictures and original poetry combined in this book may serve as a stabilizer, tranquilizer and a source of inner freedom for new creative ideas: a picture-poetry-book for adults with scenic landscapes and impressive skies.


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