In 1999/2000, the Pueblo Film AG initiated a special series of artistic seasonal greeting cards for friends and clients in a blue/silver color theme and in a fanfold structure. This production was originally intended only for the first New Year’s card of the new millennium, but has since then been modified and extended with new stylistic aspects and elements such as windows in the fanfold form over the course of further years. The basic concept of this New Year’s card was built around an axis of time ranging from prehistoric ages until 1983 – the starting point of the Pueblozoic era – and further on to the new millennium, all set against a background of a cosmic starry sky in blue and silver. This card represented the first products of the Pueblo Editions team, consisting of Bruno Hoefler, Managing Director of Pueblo Film AG Dagmar Zimmer, writer, painter, and psychiatrist and Doro Roethlisberger, expert in artistic photography and multimedia design. This team was complemented by temporary staff for the artistic realization of the ideas in multimedia formats.

The Publishing House

By 2004/2005, the activities of Pueblo Editions were somewhat intensified and led to the decision to officially establish itself as a small publishing house. Thus, an independent entity within the Pueblo Film AG was created and enrolled with the goal of producing, enhancing and publishing special artistic projects.