The Ideas Behind

Our products can be understood as a contribution to contemporary culture and art serving at the same time as psychotherapeutic tools, emerging from a background of an integrative psychotherapeutic view of stabilization, self-confrontation, and the emotional healing process with cognitive support. By means of creative expression they can induce resonances and oscillations facilitating the therapeutic process.

At this time, our main activities are concerning projects with a holistic approach in the field of psychotherapy and psychodynamics using creative arts which may facilitate a thoughtful approach to the inside and outside world. The philosophy of our projects is strongly influenced by Gestalt therapy and theory because of their focus on art as a medium of expression and projection as well as the perspective of the humanistic psychology. However, psychoanalysis, being the very origin of all psychotherapy, as well as the attachment theory as an important additional view provide a solid background of psychodynamic understanding which has certainly influenced our work. With new developments in psychotherapy having contributed considerably to the psychotherapeutic equipment influenced on the one hand by the systemic, and on the other hand by the cognitive behavioral approach and various forms of Trauma Therapy instead of antagonizing between the different approaches and psychotherapeutic schools,
Methodological Integration in Psychotherapy and Psychiatry (in short MIPP) is an important aspect in the Pueblo Editions projects as far as psychotherapy is concerned.

Dialogue with Music

During the work on both first projects, Atmospheres and Vision of Heaven Sky and Earth, the idea to add a further dimension to the projects was developed: a holistic understanding of psychotherapy, poetry, and visual arts should be completed by music. Luckily, George Kauntz agreed to join our team in 2004 for this creative part. His element is the musical moment, the lyrical improvisation, and the associative development of musical expression. Thus, he is predestined to compose, arrange, and mix the musical completion of the poems. As a composer and piano player with a strong background in Jazz, he found an empathetic approach towards the poems and thus translated the spirit of the poetry into a well-matched musical language in which supporting parts with more background are alternated with passages in which the music is leading or with purely instrumental parts. In all of Pueblo Editions’ projects that involve music, it is intended to give sufficient space to this dialogue as an encounter of two independent forms of creative expression forming a synthesis.