Project Autors - George Kauntz

professional piano player, singer and composer lives close to Zürich, Switzerland. He grew up in the English speaking part of Canada where he has studied Jazz and composition but has been living in Switzerland and visited Germany and Austria for many years now. Despite his fluency in German however, it proved useful for his composition work to give him some Englisch keywords conveying the central themes of the poems and their, at times, rather complex (German) messages. The Poem-Tunes in the book and the CD booklet consist of those English catchwords to the German poems and cater for the English-speaking reader and/or listener.

The musical intuition and special style of Poetry Music that George developed during his work on the CDs has much contributed to the important role, music plays in the projects. At Pueblo Editions George is also in charge of the audio technique for recordings and live präsentations and, together with the Tonstudio Lanz, for of the post-production of the CDs. In private life he lives in a partnership and has two children. For further information see his personal home page