Project and Publications - Short Videos

In the recent past, Pueblo Editions has produced a number of short videos in a creative association touching on issues of psychotherapy. Additionally, some of the events with live presentations of the project Atmosphären have been videotaped and cut . The movies are not for sale but can be shown on request. The movies are by Doro Roethlisberger and Dagmar Zimmer, spoken in German without subtitles:

Veränderung im Fluss der Bilder

illustrierte Bildassoziationen zur EMDR-Methode
(Changes in the flow of pictures – Visual illustrations along the EMDR Method)

Zürich zum Beispiel

Bildimpressionen zu einem Gedicht von Gottfried Benn
(Zurich, for example – Visual impressions matching a poem of Gottfried Benn)

Das Unsagbare

seelische Narben nach frühem Missbrauch
(The Unexpressible – Emotional scars left by early abuse) , a custom action figure scenery as a diorama for further development.)


Film Collage: Die Macht des Sehens und der Bilder

The three short movies have been combined to a collage of 45 Minutes in German with the title:

The Power of Seeing and of Pictures: On the poetry of psychotherapy

Film sequences by Doro Roethlisberger and Dagmar Zimmer, Music by George Kauntz, A Pueblo Editions production

Consisting of a collage ofthe three short films, this project offers a visually oriented view on psychotherapy. While the first and the last of the three sequences concern specific visual approaches of trauma therapy, the second part takes the form of a poetic and visual intersection between a poem (by the German author Gottfried Benn) about the city of Zurich and a series of film clippings taken on Paradeplatz, in the very heart of the city famous for its psychiatric hospital as well as its banking giants. The three movies are connected and embedded by introductory slides about psychotherapy, music sequences, and poetry reading.

The language in the film collage and the short films is German..

When the film collage was first shown to a larger audience (approx. 130 people) in October 2009, it was very well received. As an impression, the German invitation for this event see the PDF in “Achive”.