Project Autors - Doro Roethlisberger

professional photographer and multimedia specialist, lives in Zurich. For many years she has been responsible for pohtography, films, multimedia issues and creative work as a team member of the Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich and has contributed to a large number of exhibitions. With her outstanding apporach to visual poetry she has taken all the photos in the project: Visions of Heaven, Sky, and Earth herself. Mostly captured in Taos, New Mexico and Utah, USA, each group of photos represent a small pictographic story within the project. She has also initiated, directed and technically conducted the recently produced short movies. At Pueblo Editions she is in charge of the layout of books, booklets, flyers, website and multimedia issues for the projects. She has essentially shaped the work of Pueblo Editions since the beginning by her creative versability and her careful and farseeing style of work. In private life she likes to travel considerably and thus explores the world with her camera.